Event Management is a dynamic and exciting industry that has vast opportunities and growth potential. The programme in Event Management covers all aspects of event planning, concept development, managing resources, logistics, planning and executing marketing, branding, delivering the actual event and financial costing & budgeting. Students will be given a holistic understanding of organising all types of events such as - musical shows, concerts, exhibitions, product launch, conferences, fashion shows, corporate events, weddings etc.

Master of Business Administration in Event Management is a postgraduation Management course. Event management is one of the most popular and fastest growing industries. M.B.A. (Event Management) has been designed through extensive consultation with some of the leading organizations working with the events industry. M.B.A. (Event Management) will help students acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of multiple facts of the Event accounting, 'Event advertising, Marketing, Presentation and Sponsorship skills, Modern event management including computer application, Corporate communication, Brand management, Event catering, Venue management etc.

MBA in Event Management imparts a concoction of theoretical knowledge and practical endeavours among the students through workshops, industrial trips, internships and industry expert lectures. The individuals participating in this course are presented to a broad spectrum of industry-specific subjects granting them minute knowledge about the functioning and practices of event management.


  • To give formal instructions and training to students to be future managers of the Event Industry. So that, they technical proficiency to effectively adjust, grow and excel in the field of Event Management.


  • To cater latest developments in the field of Event Management at the national and international levels
  • To promote research in the field of Event Management, Advertising, Media Planning that can guide policy makers for effective planning and implementation.
  • To motivate students and practitioners for research to explore and gain insights event management processes;
  • To act as a platform for providing skilled human resources for best events planning and implementation across the world.


Value Education- To provide education in the field of managing events and constructively utilize the talents of our youngsters towards one of the fastest growing industry. (it grows at 30%)

Global Management- To bring India on a higher footing in the Events Industry

Leadership Ability- Create a new class of Event Managers, Event Co-ordinators and Consultants

Event Management Ability- Produce trained and qualified work force for the event and entertainment industry.


The two-year degree programme will be a rigorous one that will prepare students/ Professionals to understand complex Event management fundamentals and to craft concrete solutions. Through courses, exercises, and fieldwork and International Immersion, students will master a conceptual tool kit that draws on the social sciences but is adapted for action. Curriculum of MBA in Event Management will lead students to understand and featuring not only event management but, economics, management and leadership, empirical analysis, negotiation, ethics, and politics and other field as per present need of the environment of economy.


Event management is a multi-million industry with events being organized almost daily. The size of Event management industry has grown at an alarming rate in the past decade in the Indian economy. Experts in the industry strongly believe that this is just the beginning of a new era. An event is a live multimedia package carried out with preconceived concept, customized or modified to achieve the client’s objectives of reaching out and suitably influencing the sharply defined, specially gathered target audience by providing a complete sensual experience and an avenue for two-way interaction. at imparting skills in strategic planning and analysis, risk assessment, marketing, budgeting, cash flow planning, event proposal development and many other topics. Event Manager is emerging as a creative, challenging and respectable profession. Event management is an area that is growing rapidly, and is expected to have a better growth rate in the next decade and it is a need of the day.


Event management is a career full of opportunities showcase creative. It is a form of marketing and advertising which is glamorous and thrilling. It requires a lot of hard work and effort however also offers enormous scope. Events and occasions are an essential part of our lives. Every now and then, there are events small or big like birthday celebrations, engagements, weddings, commercial events like musical concerts, award functions, marathons are a few of them. We just can’t ignore them. Many companies today are hosting and organizing events regularly. These events could be from the small time private events to the large-scale international events. Many young people are entering in this field because they realize the potential of the market and the demand and supply situation. The most profitable aspect of this field is the need for creativity. And that is how and where one earns.

With more spending power the scope of events has been growing day by day and the Events & Entertainment Industry today encompasses events like fashion & celebrity shows, film awards, celebrity promotions, television reality shows, road shows, musical concerts, Bollywood-shows, theme parties & product launch. With the growing economy the industries need quality events. The constant rise in the number and the scale of all such events is the main growth driver of the sector.

There is a never ending demand of professionals associated with this industry. There is an acute shortage of experienced professionals in this field, and a very few educational establishments offer professional courses for aspiring event managers. To fill this gap, the event management business has to acquire professionals from other vocations.


MBA in EVENT MANAGEMENT aims at strengthening the Event managerial skills of future leaders and professionals from the civil services and private sector.

Sharpening Vision: To Sharpen vision, increase business acumen, enhance event management skill set and help to view things with a 360 degree business perspective of the student of Event Management

Developing Public Relations skills: To manage clients, their agents and a vast gamut of professionals you would meet in the line of your profession

Enhancing Creativity: To enhance creativity from the germ of the concept to manage an occasion to its final delivery

Improving Marketing skills: To sell your idea to your clients in order to make their events memorable

Developing Analytical ability: To develop analytical ability and knack to solve all sorts of problems and even have the foresight to anticipate unforeseen issues

Increasing Organizational skills: To increase organizational ability to carefully plan for tasks for self and for the entire team

Empowering Networking skills: To empower networking skills and thriving on the shoulders of personal networking and you must have the ability to utilize it and expand it in your favour.

Building Management skills: To be able to manage time, stress, subordinates, clients, budgeting, risks, situations and so on


The Institute uses the concept of credits to define the weightage of a course. Courses offer credits depending on the indicated workload. The Proposed Programme would be as per the credit rules of the master programme (Full time and Evening Programme) would be of 108 credits.


Course delivery may use a combination of formats such as

  • Lectures
  • Classroom discussions
  • Case study analyses
  • Individual and group projects
  • Field work
  • Quizzes
  • Role plays
  • Dissertations, business games
  • Managing Live Events
  • Participating and collaborating with Event Giants and project work


The Participants will undergo courses in public policy and management along with electives in their chosen area of interest. The programme provides conceptual, technical and analytical skills in public policy making. This will help in appreciating forces shaping the domestic and international environment for public policy. It also enhances soft skills in leadership, decision making and communication. The participants will be undertaking a Comprehensive Policy Project also which will help them to specialize in the chosen area in public policy field. They will select a department or programme, and conduct an intensive study on a policy issues or management challenges pertaining to it, under the guidance of a faculty. This will be a key take away for both the participants.

Course Name
Event Management

  • Course Type MBA (PG)
  • Intake -
  • Eligibility Criteria Class 12 Pass
  • Admission Process Online
  • Duration 3 yrs. BBA+2 Yrs. MBA
  • Course Commencement August

course fee 20,000/-

DPPG Gujarat University

Admission 2024
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