B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies, Gujarat University is having a team of dedicated students who look after the placements for the batch under the supervision of the Placement Office. The college invites the companies to visit the campus and conduct the entire process in person. However due to any reason if this is not possible, other forms of virtual tools are used to conduct the Interviews virtually. In most of the cases the following procedure for final placement is followed:

Pre-Placement Presentation:

This is the first part of the procedure. In the pre-placement presentation, the companies that have come for the campus placements put up presentations regarding their organization. In this phase, the students come to know about the companies, their recruitment process and the salaries that they can expect. After the presentations, students are allowed to ask questions to the representatives.

Written Examination:

After the Pre-Placement Presentations are over, the students are supposed to sit for the written examination and they will have to attempt an aptitude test.

Group Discussions:

Many companies conduct this round to filter out the candidates. In this round a group of students is created and they are supposed to discuss on a common topic. The group discussion is moderated by a judge. Once the discussions begin, students are judged on their knowledge, their communication skills, their confidence, their leadership skills, and their listening and retaining capabilities.

Technical Knowledge Interview:

In this round the candidate’s subject knowledge and other technical knowledge related to the job profile is examined.

Formal Interview:

This is the final part of the procedure. In this round the students are judged for their confidence and abilities.

Post Placement Discussion:

After clearing the Formal Interview, most of the companies go for Post Placement Discussion. In this, the students are given the guidelines and they are informed about the joining procedure.

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