Public policy formulation and analysis occupies a great importance for India especially in agriculture, education, health, innovation, infrastructure, environment and energy, public finance and regulation, and governance and other areas. For a developing economy like India, where 65% of population is youth, it becomes imperative to take an initiative which will lead Indian economy to the next level. The initiative to put a proposal to start course on Public Policy and Management is to make youth understand, improve and make a distinctive contribution to knowledge about public policy through cutting-edge research on the emerging Indian experience of policy formulation and design, policy choice, and policy impact, and through its educational programs. This initiative, under the umbrella of B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies, aims at encouraging an interdisciplinary approach that allows diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives to be brought in the field of public policy. The objective is to create a programme of excellence for practise, teaching & research in the field of public policy, governance and public management. The prospective participants are civil servants and public officials from central and state governments as well as participants from the development/policy sector. All the participants in the programme are key stakeholders in our mission to develop a professionally sound public policy and public service delivery which meets the needs of inclusive development by strengthening the learning and capacity building needs of officials / executives working in the field of public affairs and public service delivery.


  • To Impart knowledge and skills for building, administering and executing public policy.


  • To cater latest developments in the field of public policy administration and management at the national and international levels
  • To promote research in the field of Public Policy and Public Administration and Management that can guide policy makers for effective planning and implementation.
  • To motivate students and practitioners for research to explore and gain insights into administrative processes;
  • To act as a platform for providing skilled human resources for policy making and administration.
  • To organize Special Assistance and Capacity Building programmes for civil servants and policy makers and implementers


  • Value Education
  • Global Management
  • Leadership Ability
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Citizenship


The two-year degree programme will be a rigorous one that will prepare students/ Professionals to understand complex policy problems and to craft concrete solutions. Through courses, exercises, and fieldwork and International Immersion, students will master a conceptual tool kit that draws on the social sciences but is adapted for action. Curriculum of Public Policy and Administration will lead students to understand and featuring policy analysis, economics, management and leadership, empirical analysis, negotiation, ethics, and politics and other field as per present environment of economy.


In India, context of Public Policy is very important because we are at a stage where it is important to manage well our essential things like infrastructure, education, society, health and hygiene etc. We have real world professional experience and many times we know what works and what doesn’t but how to put in practice and how to take actions in terms of policy making is not known. The Masters of Management Studies (Public Policy and Administration) would lead participants to get ready with specialized skills, informed perspectives, and nuanced understanding and to be an even more effective leader in solving public problems. The curriculum will be flexible and will reflect your academic interests, focuses on your personal and professional aspirations, and integrates across disciplines. The Master in Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPA) aimed at improving efficiency and leadership skills among students, researchers and policy-makers and administrators while exposing them to topical issues in management.


This is valuable for students seeking positions in which public policy and management perspectives are pertinent, whether in the academic, government, or policy research sectors. Any students, research scholars, middle and senior level executives / professionals from the Government, Social and Infrastructural, CSR, Consulting, and other Service Sectors can enroll for the course.


Masters of Public Policy & Management (MPPM) aims at strengthening the public policy and managerial skills of future leaders and professionals from the civil services and private sector.

  • Candidates from government and private sector interact, exchange and learn from one another.
  • It deepens policy making and decision making skills.
  • Helps develop leadership skills.
  • Helps specialize in a chosen public policy field.
  • Learn from comparative study of other countries.
  • National/ International immersion.
  • Electives across Programmes.
  • Career support for candidates.


The Institute uses the concept of credits to define the weightage of a course. Courses offer credits depending on the indicated workload. The Proposed Programme would be as per the credit rules of the master programme (Full time and Evening Programme) would be of 108 credits.


Course delivery may use a combination of formats such as

  • Lectures
  • Classroom discussions
  • Case study analyses
  • Individual and group projects
  • Field work
  • Quizzes
  • Role plays
  • Dissertations, business games


The Participants will undergo courses in public policy and management along with electives in their chosen area of interest. The programme provides conceptual, technical and analytical skills in public policy making. This will help in appreciating forces shaping the domestic and international environment for public policy. It also enhances soft skills in leadership, decision making and communication. The participants will be undertaking a Comprehensive Policy Project also which will help them to specialize in the chosen area in public policy field. They will select a department or programme, and conduct an intensive study on a policy issues or management challenges pertaining to it, under the guidance of a faculty. This will be a key take away for both the participants.

Course Name
Public Policy Management

  • Course Type MBA (PG)
  • Intake -
  • Eligibility Criteria Class 12 Pass
  • Admission Process Online
  • Duration 3 yrs. BBA+2 Yrs. MBA
  • Course Commencement August

course fee 20,000/-

DPPG Gujarat University

Admission 2024
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