On April 13th, 2023, the Department of Public Policy and Governance (DPPG) organized a successful seminar on multivariate analysis. Led by Dr. Hemal Pandya Ma'am, the seminar provided participants with an in-depth understanding of multivariate analysis techniques and their applications, particularly using SPSS. Dr. Pandya's expertise and knowledge greatly contributed to the event's success. The seminar covered topics such as the basics of multivariate analysis, different types of techniques including regression analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, and cluster analysis, as well as hands-on training on using SPSS for analysis. Real-world case studies were presented to demonstrate practical applications. Department of Public Policy & Governance (DPPG) extends gratitude to Dr. Hemal Pandya ma'am for her valuable contributions and acknowledges the efforts of Dr. Nilam Panchal Ma'am and Dr. Sonali Ramchandani Ma'am in organizing the seminar, which promoted interdisciplinary learning and enhanced participants' understanding of multivariate analysis.


DPPG Gujarat University

Admission 2023
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